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Word count: 2,107
I have Joined the ranks and started my Nanowrimo. I also convinced Gary to start his own and the game has begun. I will be posting Chapters as I finish them up here on the blog. The book is called Why Me?

“What is NaNoWriMo, you ask?

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel (about 175 pages) in the 30 days of November. Everyone who finishes wins! You win your name on a list of other people who finished, and certificate (that you have to download and print out yourself), and a “Winner” image you can place on your blog.”-Courtesy of Gthing.net

I haven’t actually even re-read what I just wrote cause I’m tired, maybe I will later but if you read any big faults let me know in a comment or something and Ill fix it. Thanks.

The Prologue

The clouds parted just enough for light to shine on his eyelids. He opened his eyes hoping that the whole ordeal might have been a dream. No such luck. He strained with what strength he had left and tested the bands that held his hands captive behind him. The handcuffs hurt but it was nothing compared to the zip ties that were digging into his skin.. He flexed his hands reopening the dust caked crevices left on his knuckles. Open, close the dirt was so caked in the open cuts that it wasn’t worth the effort of flexing his fists for it to fall out. The earth mixed with blood would have to stay become part of the scabs already forming.

Bordin had always been the type of person ask “why me?” The oft-repeated phrase started off as something he mumbled under his breath but after a while it had become a screaming prayer her offered at every malheur and happenstance that left him a little, less well off than he had been before. This time it came like a sweeping headache that threatened to rip him from consciousness.

Chapter 1: The Cause

The first reaction when one finds him self immobile and full of regret is to wonder what in the world caused this. Who in the cosmic mess that was could have come up with such a disgusting script to impose on life. Bordin had fallen into this line of thinking several times during his life but this time the question wasn’t theological. He wasn’t thinking of some sort of angry deity, fate maybe but this cause had a name. Steekay. Don’t let Steekay’s almost silly name fool you, he wasn’t silly. The first time Bordin laid eyes on this sadistic kid he was facing one scary haggard shell of a man named oddly enough Haggard.

When he started carrying this name it was scary and carried all kinds of bad overtones. Then Harry Potter came out and let confusion run rampant about why this scary sociopath shared a name with a giant lovable wizard’s aide. Haggard, our Haggard was scary, he was large but that wasn’t what instilled fear in anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path. Haggard earned his name when haggard still meant haggard. He was haggard in the way that his face was always unshavin, he was haggard in the way that his clothes were destroyed tares you’d expect a heroin addict to be sporting before his demise. Haggard was haggard in the way that there was still blood in his hair from the last man he whacked. But Haggard stood and looked at Steekay in fear. Sure the unkempt loaf was a murderer, maybe even a hit man but Steekay? Oh Steekay was much more dangerous.

We’ve all seen picture of Hitler and he’s only scary because we know what he’s done. He grew up like any other kid accept for one thing, he was manipulative and he knew how to talk. Steekay was the same way, he knew how to talk. Hitler wasn’t big, he didn’t look physically menacing and while Steekay was much closer to a large male physic his muscles were the last thing you had to worry about when facing him. Haggard on the other hand wasn’t smart, sure he knew in between which ribs you had to stick a sharp object to end a man but his knowledge of science and the world ended there.

At the time, Bordin had apparently offended the bumbling behemoth. Maybe it was that he made eye contact or that he walked to close to the man that set Haggard off but whatever it was (and modern psychologists probably couldn’t tell you what it was either) it had gone off. Bordin found him self very quickly pinned against a wall wondering as he always did “Why me?” As he looked down at the massive hand clenched around his kneck holding him steadfast against a dirty, graffiti ridden wall, he contemplated his doom.

Questions like “Why me?” didn’t seem so important as the need to breath. Haggard’s grip grew ever so slightly tighter with every moment and his dead eyes locked on Bordin’s wild survival driven eyes and as the darkness seemed to creep around the two and Brodin was about to give up on hitting his executioner when everything, their world apart was interrupted by a single calm voice.

“What the hell are you doing? Put him down moron”

Instantly sound returned to Bordin’s ears and pierced the silence he didn’t even know he was experiencing Haggard’s grip failed him and dropped his captive helpless on the ground. That was when, in rubbing his kneck and trying to focus his vision that Bordin looked up and saw his savior. 6.2, dirty blond hair and a charming face. The good looking young man was no physical match for Haggard, it didn’t matter what kind of -Fu he knew and yet a demeaning word and Haggard looked very much like Bordin had a few moments earlier.

“Who told you to come over here? Get the hell out of here and find something better to do with your time” the picture of man said.

Haggard studdered an apology and walked off shrinking with every step under Steekay’s view.

“Thanks.” The half choked worlds seemed to fall out of Bordin’s mouth. Steekay half grunted half laughed as he helped Bordin regain his footing.

“I don’t know what just happened, I don’t know why that guy attacked me like that, he’s crazy.”

“Do you think he needs a reason? There is no reason because Haggard has no reason, he’s the result of a problem and he all he does is propagate more problems. Reason has nothing to do with it.” Steekay said glibly.

“Yeah, well, he should be locked up if he’s crazy like that, hes dangerous.”

That seemed to amuse Steekay because he started laughing and walking away.

“Hey! Wait up!” Bordin called up to his would be new friend as he ran up beside him.

“I’m Bordin, thanks again, I think I owe you one.”

This time Steekay stopped dead in tracks and looked up at Bordin. His quick look seemed to cut directly to the heart and dissect it in the matter of seconds.

“Yeah, I guess you do. Steekay” he said while extending his hand.

Chapter 2: Introductions and Misconceptions
People have a tendency to make friends to counter balance them selves. What is it that makes a weaker person hang on a stronger one? Whatever it was it characterized perfectly the relationship between Steekay and Bordin. Bordin was fascinated with what he saw in Steekay. He was confident, sure of whatever he said deliberate and good looking. All qualities that Bordin found lacking himself, whether they were actually there or not.

“Why did that guy-”

“Haggard” Steekay corrected

“Yeah, Haggard, why did that guy leave when you told him to?” Everything that Bordin wondered about this new found compatriot seemed to revolve around this question.

“Simple, he knows I’m serious.” Bordin didn’t get what was trying to be communicated and apparently Steekay picked up on that because he continued.

“You see, people are like women, you just have to figure them out and then they do what you like. Common, I’ll show you what I mean.”

They changed directions and after a few blocks on the city streets and they arrived at a cafe. One of those places that tried to look like a dive to be hip but was in reality very far from a dive. The place was like jeans with pre-worn holes and pre-frayed edges. Despite how busy and packed the whole place was they had drinks in a minute and sat down in a corner over looking the whole pseudo-dive.

“Why are we here?” Bordin’s confusion had yet to be satisfied and had only been growing since the two ton bear mascaraing as a man started choking him.

“We’re here because women are here. Women are always at Cafes” he said while gesturing towards the mass that inhabited the basement level cafe.

Sure enough there were plenty of women. They outnumbered the males in that perfect beach boys harmony of two girls for every guy.

“Now, I know you see the women. I hope you see the men too because they’re instrumental to my demonstration. Each man, no matter who he is, no matter what he hopes to accomplish with these women has a game. Take this guy over here” he said motioning towards a sleek, artsy looking man in his late twenties reading a copy of Les Miserables.

“Just look at him, Black slacks, black thin fabric sweater. The whole thing is topped off with a pre-calculated 1-day unshaven look. Not to mention glasses just as sharp as his hair. He’s a real bohemian. This guy isn’t here because he likes the atmosphere.-”

“How can you tell” Bordin interrupted

Steekay signed and looked at Bordin as if he had just asked the stupidest question he’d ever heard.

“Because he’s reading Les Miserables. He’s not just reading it, he’s displaying it. It’s part of his game.”

“As, I was about to explain” Steekay continued “thats part of his game. He’s doesn’t have a lot going for him but he does have artsy. He tries to act like an intellectual, you know, uses a Mac and talks in the physco-babble to make him self sound smart. If you ask him what his name is you know what he’ll tell you?”

“No, what?” asked Bordin still unable to see the connection.

“He’d tell quote you something in Latin give you a silly accented name he made up to better fit in to his persona.”

“I still don’t get it.” admitted Bordin. “So what? The guy is artsy.”

“It doesn’t matter that he’s artsy, it just matters that he’s something making him definable by a single adjective is easy because he makes it easy.

“He’s here because he knows that at this cafe he’s going to find women that are attracted to artsy guys so he tries to shout it as loud as possible to draw in anything with long legs. And here it is” Steekay finshed while drawing Bordin’s attention to a tall blonde girl that was sitting at the table next to artsy guy.

Artsy guy looked thoughtful for a minute as if he were trying to crunch all the numbers and equations it took for light to work and leaned over and asked the girl a question. Pretty soon they were talking like old friends.

“If we had gone to a bar we’d see another guy sitting in the corner, small and awkward waiting for the girls to get drunk enough to listen to what he had to say.

“All these guys are different, sure and because of that they all have different games. One guy is artsy, one just waits for drunk girls. People are like girls, you just have to know what you have that they want or what you can do that will make them think you have what they want and bam, asking them the time or if they want to sleep with you is about the same thing.”

“So, Haggard is gay and you made him fall in love with you?” asked Bordin in a tone that betrayed him and said that he had no clue as to what Steekay was getting at.

“Hrm!” Steekay let go under his breath like a choked “Ha.”

“I just figured out what Haggard wanted. Like I told you earlier, Haggard is a problem and all he does is cause problems. He doesn’t know why but he knows that his ability to continue in this endeavor would be greatly hindered should he cross me.”

“So you made him think you were dangerous”

“Whether I am or not, it doesn’t really matter, because to him; I am.”

“So, what’s your game? You aren’t artsy and you don’t look insecure enough to just “wait for the girls to get drunk.” so what are you?” Bordin asked finally starting to grasp the essence of their conversation.

“You over specialize and you breed in weakness” Steekay quoted.


“Ghost in the Shell” Steekay smiled and continued “That just means that if you stick with one, you’re stuck I like to be more flexible and let the situation dictate the game I play.

“Well, you ceartinly seem like a good friend to have” said Bordin as he toasted his new friend.

“Heh, yeah, you could probably say that” responded Steekay while smiling and returning the toast.

Posted Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Looking good Dan, good luck!


Looking good Dan, good luck!


Good luck with all this by the way. Good luck.


Good luck with all this by the way. Good luck.