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JewFest ’07

Last night movie night carried a special theme with it.

Jewish Passover

In our planning I didn’t think we’d even have any Jews there. As the night got under way we got into a discussion about the spelling of Kippah (pronounced Yamacka) and to my surprise Mitchell revealed himself to be our local Jewish expert. He grew up Jewish and celebrated passover with his family.

Feeling legitimized by our new found jewishness we moved forward with vigor. We made kippahs with pride. Everybody designed their own and we clipped the makeshift kippahs to our heads. Rad? Sweet? What’s the word I’m looking for? Ah, yes, awesome… dot com. Enjoy the pictures.

We even put a plate out for Elijah but he never showed. I don’t blame him, all he got were chips, onions and wannabe Matzoh.

For anyone curious, we made Passover Chicken and Chips, Mini Potato Knishes, Asparagus and Jolly Rancher kool-aid. Everything was kosher…at least I assume the kool-aid was.

Posted Thursday, April 5, 2007