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Playing by the rules: a story of LEGOs and generals


I finally saw the LEGO Movie and in the first five minutes knew that it had a more effective anti-consumerism, anti-conformity message than Wall-E. As the perverse music played it was clear that society was a prison we build for ourselves. It reminded me of another story.

Playing by the rules: a story of LEGOs and generals

Posted Saturday, March 22, 2014

How will humanity spend its time when it no longer needs money?

One day, if we’re lucky, we as a species may come to the point where we no longer need money. When we have enough resources that everyone will have access to just about everything they could want. No need to work. What will we do then?

If all your needs were met today, what would you do? Travel? Go on vacation? Spend more time with your family? Work on that dream project?

Everyone will probably answer a little differently but instead of theorizing lets look at people that already do.

How will humanity spend its time when it no longer needs money?

Posted Thursday, March 20, 2014

Egypt Sucks

For those that have already seen this, I apologize, I posted it in Reader a few minutes ago.

Today was the first day non-latin tlds have gone live. TLD = top level domain eg: .com .net .org .us .whatever

The first one to go live is .egypt, which is in arabic مصر
I wanted to find the domain and see how it wokred in my browser so I did a search but apparently if you remove the last character (the one furthest to the left) it means something else entirely
مص = sucking
مصر = egypt
so all this porn came up in the search results because I copied and pasted it slightly wrong.

I thought for a minute that the BBC got punked and was provided dirty words in arabic for their news story.

The moral of the story? Egypt is only one character off from “sucking”

Posted Thursday, May 6, 2010

My New Hobby – Star Trek Comparison

My new hobby is putting everything in context of star trek.

For instance, debating the need for a nuclear attack in WW2 all I have to say is that the Japanese would never have surrendered any other way because they were the Klingons of World War 2.

Now you understand why we needed to use a nuke.

PS.  For those wondering who everyone else was:
Federation -> USA
Vulcans -> Great Britain
Cardassians -> Germany
Klingons -> Japan
Betazoids -> France
Dominion -> Russia

Posted Thursday, August 6, 2009

WordPress needs a LTS version

What is an LTS version? It means “Long term support”. Basically its a version of software that the vendor commits to keeping secure and up to date but essentially freezes the functionality.

Why is a WordPress LTS important?

Well, some of us have developed some software that runs on WordPress or works with it and we depend on the present code base. New releases can break some functionality and if we’re managing say, 10 blogs for different people (therefore MU isn’t an option) it can be a big deal.

WordPress needs a LTS version

Posted Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Yesterday Robynn was sick and maybe a little delirious (some would may say clairvoyant). She asked me a question:

Robynn: Who’s that guy that’s like god?
Me: umm..Jesus?
Robynn: No, the other one, the one that knows kung fu
Me (throughly confused): Are you talking about Bruce Lee?
Robynn: No no, it’s a white guy
Finally I understood, Me: Oooohhh, you mean Chuck Norris!
Robynn: YEAH! That’s the one!

She then promptly passed out. I’m sure this kind of mistaken identity happens to Chuck Norris all the time.

Posted Saturday, May 31, 2008

Musical Zombies

I had this wicked sweet dream last night where the world was being taken over by zombies, but not just any zombies, Musical zombies. These zombies craved brains alright but they also craved to talk about the talents of Duran Duran or how great the Monkeys were. See, the zombies had bad taste in music, that was the scary part.

They’d groan stuff like “Vanilla Ice was the last great artist!”. It was terrible, I fought as many as I could. I killed like five zombies with a shovel; no easy task I might add. Finally though, I succumbed to the hungry zombies and became one of them.

Amazingly enough I managed to retain some taste in music. I had like three other zombies with me and we went to go see if we couldn’t scare up some brains. We sauntered over to a house while discussing the merits of folk-rock and knocked on a door.

Suddenly from behind us we saw a drug dealer looking dude saunter around the corner with an UZI and he smiled. I dove to the side as my zombie companions were mowed down. I ran for my decaying life limbs flailing with some sort of beat rock mantra stuck in my head. I hid behind a car and finally I laid down in the ditch between the road and the sidewalk. I was just behind a car and a few inches from the sewer.

As I saw more guys gathering up the street, I considered going down the drain but I didn’t want to get all dirty (I was going to a concert later). There I lay, watching the feet up the street from under the car I was hiding behind. Finally the fear subsided and I attacked a police woman telling her about the value of having multiple keys on a song all the way…

Posted Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Acid 3 Test

A lot of news has been bouncing around lately about the Acid 3 test, who is passing it who isn’t, who is getting what score and who cares.

For those of you who don’t know, the Acid 3 test checks your browser for next-gen compatibility. Actually for those of you that don’t know what the Acid 3 test is…sorry, this is a boring post to you.

Anyway, Safari just scored 100 and is the first browser to really pass the test! It’s very exciting and I think it’s going to push browsers to a new level. I mean, IE 8 just passed Acid 2..it’s only a few years old but they’ve vowed to be standards compliant. Unfourtunatly my favorite text-based browser lynx isn’t doing to well. Even internet explorer can get 6 out of a 100 on the acid 3. Lynx on the other hand does much worse, in fact it just gets a question mark. Sad.

This doesn’t look anything like the reference drawing!:

update – fair comparison

One of my readers pointed out that this wasn’t really a fair test because I didn’t render the reference drawing in lynx as well. So by request, here is how the reference drawing looks in lynx.

Posted Friday, March 28, 2008

Extremely Tactical

Justin recently linked to a post making fun of extremely tactical security and as someone with experience in retail I have to call the fault on Justin here. Security is no laughing matter.

My first deployment

My first deployment was in Viet Nam and Justin would probably be the first one to point out that I am too young to have been in the war. Well guess what smarty pants, I I never said I was there during the war. My deployment came with orders from the top and my presence was not to be noted in the international stage but you can better believe that Charlie remembers my work well and they still speak my name with hallowed observance.

My mission to Lovesac – ie how I saved the mall

My friends know that while I was “in high school” I worked at LoveSac in the mall. I can’t tell you which one because it hasn’t been declassified yet but my station there was for security purposes. You wouldn’t believe how many 12 yr old punks were in there with Body Armor and AKs looking for a good time. I put my life on the line daily to protect the innocent shoppers.

I had numerous situations involving kids that would not respond to orders to “be quiet” or “don’t touch the displays” and more than once I had to stomp my boot on some young terrorists hell-bent on disrupting normal shopping patterns.

My equipment

My tactical ninja gearThe afore mentioned thread contains a lot of quips about how tactical gear is not necessary for Mall Security but guess again, what do you think highly trained speical ops guys that attack the mall are going to be carrying!? High-powered rifles, HKs, AKs, ARs, C4 and one time we had a biological weapon of deadly fast-food proportions.

Here’s what I use (all equipment I train with virtually daily using the Call of Duty 4 Combat simulator

  • AK-74u
  • G3
  • 2x concussion grenades
  • Barret .50 sniper rifle
  • Tk-83 Tactical Smoke Grenades

The importance of planning

The scariest moment we had during my Tenure at lovesac security was the moment we almost had to initiate Plan #227 which designates an attack of the undead. The plan calls for the extermination of any sentient lifeforms within the mall grounds as they would become instant food and fuel for Zombies that overrun the mall.

Obey the turddleWe damn near put the plan in action when a kid dressed as a zombie came on site but after damn near killing him we found out that he really only liked turtles.

A word to Justin

Don’t make fun of the hardcore hard rollers that are protecting you every day. The next time you hear someone crawling around in the vents you can rest assured that I or one of my collegues will be there to stop the terrorist on our daily vent patrols. You have no idea how many BOMBS/Claymores I’ve defused set by DANGEROUS CRIMINCALS in the line of security detail!

I spend at least 45 minutes everyday ducktaping gear to my naked body so that I can be ready for anything. So the when you see me again and realize that I have a skrewdriver on my belt you’ll know why, its to defuse chemical weapons of mass destruction that threaten YOUR lifes!

tactical belt

Posted Sunday, March 2, 2008

Repent! Repent! The Apocalypse is upon us!

That’s right, Duke Nukem forever is finally coming out.

The game was first slated for release in 1997 and after it got cancelled over and over again for a few years it finally earned a place as a measure for “hell freezing over;” an early warning system, if you will, for the coming cleansing of earth and water.

Quake now! For that time is upon us!

Some doubted the Duke Nukem prophecy but now there is a release date for Spore! Nothing will stop the reckoning now!

The signs are upon us

Posted Thursday, February 7, 2008