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NanoWrimo, is this the end?

20,534 words; Thats how many I’ve written in November. I was really doing well until the laptop I was using broke (still have yet to fix it). I’d like to finish the novel I started but I don’t know if I’ll have time now that I don’t have to dedicate so much to it. Plus, it’s really hard to write at home. So once again:

NanoWrimo Final Count: 20,534 words

Posted Friday, December 1, 2006

One more thing

Due to popular demand I will no longer be posting chapters of my NanoWrimo as I finish them. That is all.

Wait…I lied. If you’re bored check this out:

Its a cool looking movie trailer. I’m all stoked on it.
Title: We Are the Strange

Posted Tuesday, November 7, 2006