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The End of New Band Day

Well, I’ve decided to kill new band day. Not because I didn’t have more to write about but for some other reasons.

  • I kind of let it die anyway
  • shepizzle.com has asked me to do music reviews there.
  • That sounds really impressive I know. Jon, thanks for asking me to join your cool indie music club and making me look impressive. At some point I’ll come to you and say

    “Hey, you see that chick there? She digs me because I’m an indie music reviewer on shepizzle. Thanks bro.” I can imagine it now, you’ll say

    “wow, find a less shallow girl.” Finally, I’ll respond

    “No thanks, she’s hot.”

    Until then, check out my latest, and so far only, additions.

  • José Gonzáles
  • Brand New
  • Posted Thursday, June 21, 2007


    The first New Band Day features Zelazowa an alternative rock band from Philadelphia. Their music has a dark bassy feel with rhythmic, rumbling drums.


    Posted Friday, February 23, 2007