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WordPress needs a LTS version

What is an LTS version? It means “Long term support”. Basically its a version of software that the vendor commits to keeping secure and up to date but essentially freezes the functionality.

Why is a WordPress LTS important?

Well, some of us have developed some software that runs on WordPress or works with it and we depend on the present code base. New releases can break some functionality and if we’re managing say, 10 blogs for different people (therefore MU isn’t an option) it can be a big deal.

Of course most people aren’t like that but here is a another good reason to have an LTS version. Security! WordPress is notorious for speedy right after release updates to fix security holes and this happens constantly! I was using an older version of wordpress that didn’t have any issues for a while and that was pretty good but then an exploit was discovered and my blog got hacked. It would have been the same story if I were running the latest release but with an LTS version you’re more likely to catch bugs and fix security quickly. Then I can update just the security fixes.

Better innovation through a LTS version

A really nice thing about an LTS version is that you aren’t beholden to strict backwards compatibility. The code is more flexible because the people using the cutting edge release are going to be the ones willing to fix errors etc. By making wordpress so easy and quick to setup they’ve made blogs accessible to a base common denominator that would benefit from fewer releases and a more stable environment.

Bringing WordPress to the enterprise

Enterprises often develop their own terrible blog software. By having an LTS version WordPress can capture that market because admin’s will be more willing to have and use WordPress, knowing that their customizations are safe from update tweaks.

Drupal has it…

Drupal doesn’t come right out and call 5.14 and LTS version but it is. They continue to support an older version while with 6.x they can make vast and different changes to the architecture benefiting the userbase with new features and more efficient ways of doing things all the while retaining that legacy support that is so important to Admins and businesses.

Common wordpress, lets see an LTS version!

Posted Saturday, December 13, 2008