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Night at the Museum

night-at-the-museum.JPGOnce again Movie Night rolled around and once again I had fun even if no one else seemed to. Well you can’t please everyone so you got to please your self. Truth be told Movie Night is hard to pull off every time because there are so many different groups that every once in a while some people come and they just don’t mesh too well. That’s what happened this time but after the ice broke and one of the groups went home things picked up quite nicely.

The chicken parmesan recipe that Fatty gave us was awesome! We ran out of the correct spices so it was missing the perfect zing but that’s ok, practice makes perfect. I thought we made way too much but once again to my surprise, no left over food.

The Movie:
When Larry Daley, a divorced father who can’t seem to keep a job for more than a week, applies for a job at the Museum of Natural History, he is assigned as a night guard. However, a seemingly easy job turns out to be a wild ride when he finds that an ancient curse has caused the “inhabitants” of the museum to come to life.

This was my second time seeing this movie and I liked it a lot more this time around. Its not your typical Ben Stiller movie, but this time knowing that it was a kids movie allowed me to accept and enjoy the humor better. It is really amazing how your perceptions and pre-conceived notions about a movie can drastically change your attitude about it.

All in all it was a good Move Night, I liked the food and the movie was great.

Chicken Parmesan: $31.27 minus $2 from Movie Night Donations $29.27

Bang for our Buck …. 3 Bangs

Posted Thursday, April 12, 2007