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Rock Awesome Graffiti @ the Ruins

Seeing as the ruins have been ruins for the last 50+ years it seemed like a good place to practice tagging art. I don’t remember who all did which ones and I don’t remember their tag names so in no particular order with credit to paintjunkie, gthing, America and friends we proudly present graffitis for your viewing pleasure.

Guy-in-suit Star Fire-reaper fire Ender-shroom Ballon-boy Dirty-west-grill gthing-strength

Gthing made the discovery of a lot of VHS crew tags and we were pondering the meaning of that when he discovered their anti-crew, the BETAMAX crew. Betamax totally pwn’d VHS by tagging over their stuff and even posting anti-drug graffitis.

Betamax Betamax-infamous

Somewhere in the valley these two crews must be battling for “respekt”, saying things like “you got served!” and “yo.” Watch out for these colloquial urbanites; they could be dangerous.

If the artists would like to claim their work, leave a comment on the linked flickr page with your tagging name.

Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2007