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The Prestige

the-prestige.JPGThis week’s movie night was a success. As usual the night began with Dan and I, running around frantically getting together all the ingredients for this week’s meal that we were preparing for what we thought would be close to twenty people. Then as usual the calls began to come in… everyone canceling for one reason or another. Well with a few well placed phone calls and one risqué house call, we where able to pull together a decent group. Seventeen by my count, lets try and get a few more next week eh?

The shepherds’ pie was really good and we made plenty for everyone along with roles and juice drinks, we had cookies at the beginning but Ian seemed to have eaten them before anyone else made it. It was an easy recipe and cook time was under an hour and a half and we got everything for $22.59.

The Prestige is a movie that seems to befuddle everyone for the first time. I must say that the second time around was a very enjoyable experience. The beginning is riddled with clues to what’s going on and as Sara said “Once you know the trick it’s really quite simple.” The Prestige is the story of two magicians, whose intense rivalry pits them against each other on a life-long battle for supremacy, leading instead to a life full of obsession, deceit and jealousy, jeopardizing the lives of everyone around them. This story is well told and presented beautifully making for an enjoyable if a bit drawn out night at the movies. Costs for our admissions were a dollar a piece.

This week’s Movie Night with shepherds’ pie: $24.59 Minus the $2 from Movie Night donations….$22.59.
Bang for our Buck: 4 Bangs

Posted Thursday, February 8, 2007