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The Springville Ruins

There is a new mystery. Where did the Springville ruins come from? Who built them and why? Better yet, why were they destroyed? Read on and hear my crazy photo tale. Well, it’s not that crazy but it is cool and there are lots of pictures.

Last Friday on my way home from work I cruised around and took some pictures. I had just about finished and the sun was setting fast when out of the corner of my eye I saw a decrepit old run down barn. I pulled over and walked across the field to snap this picture.

I sat down down in the field to enjoy the sunset and wait a few minutes for the sun to get a little lower. I wanted to see what it looked like with the sun behind the building.

As I sat in the field relaxing in the cool air I saw man creep up on the side of the barn. He had a face mask on and it looked like he was going to take a wiz. I noticed that he had a gun and then I heard pops coming from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw some guys laying prone on a hill firing paintballs across the field.

I couldn’t see what they were shooting out until he came running across the field towards me from the opposite side of barn, shooting as he went. He ran right past me.

I had walked right into the middle of a battle field.


They finished their game and I talked to them for a few minutes. One of them even agreed to pose for a few pictures and I snapped a couple of shots.

I snapped a few more shots of the barn before taking off. I drove farther down the dirt road.

I found a few more cool photo spots.

I continued my drive down the road. I found an abandoned building straddling the river and snapped a few pictures. Up until here I was already very pleased with my findings. I found some good spots to take pictures but then I made a discovery far more interesting.

I spotted it from far away. There was a structure, out in a field. Trees obstructed my view and I stopped the car. The sun was setting fast and I only had 15 minutes of light left. Past some bushes and down an embankment there were ruins strewed about everywhere.

It looked like someone had build factories and bridges and then bombed them all. I walked around avoiding piles of fallen brick walls, pit holes and rebar that protruded the surface of the field.

Upon closer examination it appears as though the field I was standing on was actually part of the structure, covering a swamp or a river. I only got a few photos before I ran out of light. Heres one for now but more will follow.

Posted Monday, March 26, 2007