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The first New Band Day features Zelazowa an alternative rock band from Philadelphia. Their music has a dark bassy feel with rhythmic, rumbling drums. zelazowa-cover.jpgSeeing them live I thought the bass was a bit too loud because it drown out the vocals. After listening to the CD that seems to be what they were going for because the CD is mixed almost exactly the same as far as levels go. The lyrics are interesting though I couldn’t understand them at the show.

Massive Tour:
I had a chance to meet Bryan Weber (the lead singer and guitarist) who was a really cool guy. He told me that they’d been on tour for the last 18 months. Which, for an indie artist especially, is quite the feat. He was pretty mellow in person which I did not expect because he has a lot of stage presence and a lot of energy.

Stage Presence:
The music was really good but the CD is just half of it. If you get a chance to hear these guys live go for it; the energy they pump out is well worth it. Their throaty rambling rock is beautifully characterized by the facial expressions of both Bryan Weber and Terry Sharkey(drums). A friend I was with actually said that Bryan’s facial expressions scared her at first. A bit scary maybe but it fits with the darker sound that Zelazowa has.

Name Origins:
When I first heard the name someone told me they were “Zelazola.” I thought it might have something to do with Émile Zola. I asked Bryan about it and he told me that they actually took their name from Å»elazowa Wola, Poland; the birthplace of Chopin. Maybe a bit strange but Bryan was a music major so I guess it’s just a way of paying homage to one of his heroes.

Where to listen:
I wish I could host some of their music here for all to hear but I didn’t ask. Anyway, try listening here:

  • http://zelazowa.com/music&merchandise/index.php
  • http://myspace.com/zelazowa
  • Check ’em out and let me know what you think.

    Posted Friday, February 23, 2007