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The Night God Spoke – A Super Short Story


It happened on a quiet night. Or rather, it happened during a quiet moment when it happened to be night in the western hemisphere. Else where it was a quiet morning, or a quiet afternoon. Like most things in life it seemed to happen very slowly then all at once. 

It was a sort of alignment, like a billion gears all coming into sync at once. On the western hemisphere some where just finishing a nice meal with their children. In other places, people seemed to all pause from their day. Looking at the sunset, a picture of their loved ones, taking a deep breath in a comfortable chair, or closing their eyes for a moment of peace.

Where people were sleeping they all came to a quiet moment in their dreams. The last gear slid into place as a little boy looked up from the book he’d been reading. The whole world was at peace for a single moment. It was as if every conversation had reached a pause at exactly the same moment and every mind and heart was turned towards contemplative peace.

That was when the world heard the voice of God. They heard him speak at once. Every child (even the little boy), parent, president, murderer, janitor, warlord, housewife, accountant, barrista, musician, poet, and engineer were all still.

The voice said,


No one spoke, in every corner of the world, every bar room, every family room, and every board room sat still. They could all feel the moment ending as the hearts and minds started to move on to the next moment. The billions of gears were still moving and before the dial moved beyond resonance the voice came again,


The Night God Spoke – A Super Short Story
Posted Sunday, December 27, 2015
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