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A Saga of Phone Calls

When I chose my cellphone number over a year ago I was going for something that was close to my brothers phone number. Little did I know that the former phone proprietor had a similar namesake to my own. It wasn’t long will I was taking calls for his booty calls, young women that I spent 20 minutes on the phone with trying to figure out how in the world I knew them. Finally, it dawned on me that I didn’t know who these people were.

The booty calls stopped (when I stopped providing the booty) and I lived in peace for a while.

Then another kind of call started coming, blockbuster, once a week would call me and tell me they were going to start charging me for my overdue movies. Turns out Tom never changed his phone number on his blockbuster account. Then today I got a completly different kind of call.

Check it via my chat logs(or logz if you’re “GaNgStA”

Ronin 10:28: DUDE!
ok, you know how I’ve been getting phone calls for this Tom dude for the last year and a half?
they’ve mostly died down

Jon – 10:29: yeah
Ronin- 10:29: but this is the call I just got:
-: Hi Tom?
Me:- Nope, this is Dan
-: oh..I was trying to call this number ###-####
Me: Yeah, thats my number but that’s not me. Who were you looking for?
-: Tom ***** from Vizad
Me: Wait…from Vizad?
The guy that had my phone before was at VIZAD!?

After tracking Tom for a while, I finally know where he is. Now the game is on!

A Saga of Phone Calls
Posted Friday, July 20, 2007
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