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Car dealerships in utah are out of control

This evening’s festivities involved a short drive from Sherwin Williams to my house. The exact route is shown here on google maps.

small map in provo

Gary and I were talking about the car market in Provo and Gary and I conducted an experiment on the way home from Sherwin Williams we counted every car dealership we found.

We counted 12 in a mile and a half route (less as the crow flies).

There are 12 car dealerships in one direction of my house. I know for a fact there are more the other way and the funny thing is that this isn’t even the part of town you think of as where all the car dealerships are. If someone tells me they’re at a car dealership I assume they are up on University Pkwy on the other side of town.

Reader question, why does utah have so many car dealerships?

Car dealerships in utah are out of control
Posted Wednesday, August 8, 2007
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