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Keith Olbermann should stick to writing movies

I was cruising around youtube today and I found out that Keith Olbermann was actually a writer for the movie Brick. I had no idea until I heard him speak. Listen to this wonderful line he slings (or watch the video below):

The guilty pleasure offered by the existence Bill O’Reilly is simple and understandable. 99 times out of a 100 when we belly up to billow bar bluster, nearly every time we partake of the movable falafel feast he serves us nothing but comedy, farce, slapstick, unconscious self-mutilation. The sideshow Bob of commentators, forever stepping on the same rake, forever muttering the same grunt of inarticulate surrender, forever resuming the circle back to same rake; the Sisyphus of morons if you will, but this is the 100th time out of 100 it is not funny at all. Bill O’Reilly has, for the 2nd time in just under 8 months slandered at least 84 dead American servicemen, he has turned them again, from victims of the kind of atrocity that our country has always fought against, into perpetrators of that same kind of atrocity. He has turned them into war criminals.

Not only is Keith Olbermann a spider spinning speech spells and he pontificates like Potiphar’s wife on poppy seeds; forever rambling a weak web of tawdry, but talented, tellings, forever clasped in the quickly collapsing cacophony of calumny; an exploitive expletive of alliteration, if you will, but he gavels great gusto and gravitas as if an embodiment of Colbert he thinks is.

BTW, in case anyone is wondering about the massacre that Keith and Bill O’Reilly are talking about it its the Chenogne Massacre that happened in response to the to the Malamédy Massacre.

The great thing about this report by Keith it is a perfect examples of hypocrisy. Bill O’Reilly calling the Chenogne massacre the Malmedy massacre is an honest mistake considering one happened immediately after, and in response to the other.

Keith on the other hand is a sharp guy and must have known what Bill was talking about but chose not to report it.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed Brick

Keith Olbermann should stick to writing movies
Posted Wednesday, July 18, 2007
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