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Marketers hate Facebook’s audience approach but it is the future.

If you haven’t seen this video check it out. Basically spammers are diluting FB audiences so brands can’t connect with the audiences.

Marketers hate the new approach to FB because it means their fans aren’t their audience, Facebook is curating the audience. This is the future and everyone will do it.

Look at it this way, everyone is creating more and more content and its causing social paralysis. Why are teens fleeing Facebook for snapchat? Because snapchat lets them have more intimate conversations that can’t come back to haunt them and they aren’t being overwhelmed by their aunt’s pictures of cats. Facebook is trying to solve the problem by seeding every piece of content to a sort of impromptu focus group and based on their engagement levels they’ll show it to more people.

I started using Twitter again over the weekend and found it overwhelming. Too many people shouting to get attention makes my feed unusable. So I make a list to curate my feed. When that list gets too big I’ll make another one. Is that sustainable? No, not really. Everyone is going to use statistical tests just like FB to auto-curate content. This is really the best possible outcome. Brands won’t own audiences by being clever once to get lots of followers. They’ll get audiences by being clever and smart all the time.

The noise will die down quickly once many brands realize they can’t compete in that way. Where will they go?

I don’t know. Back to radio?

Posted Friday, March 28, 2014