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The cycle of shame shouldn’t stop us from being better people

Its really easy to get discouraged when reality doesn’t measure up to expectations. I set a goal to make a blogpost everyday this year. I’ve done very well but earlier this week I missed a day. Its easy to say “My goal was to do a post everyday. I missed one. I can’t reach my goal anymore. I may as well give up on it.”

Maybe the shame cycle isn’t the write phrase for it maybe its the “I’m just a … syndrome”. Like after you say something rude, excusing it by saying “I guess I’m just a jerk.” So you said something rude, don’t let it define you. If you do then every bad thing will define you. It’s settling for something less than your potential.

Perfect standards are completely out of whack with reality. We shouldn’t let high expectations keep us from healthy attitudes and self-improvement.

Posted Thursday, April 17, 2014