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Ways to Spot a Spammer

With blogs being all the rage that they are they attract a lot of attention from Spammers. Many new bloggers don’t really know how to spot a spammer so here are some of the things that I use.

What to lookout for

Watch out when a someone says says “I saw your site on google,” “I saw your site on technorati,” or “I found your site through a friend”. All of these statement are obviously false because I’m practically invisible on google and technorati and everyone knows that I don’t have friends, let alone friends that read my blog.

Other things spammers say with my response

  • “WoW Gold for cheap” – Wow, I can find gold for cheap?!
  • “Viagatrex [followed by anything]” – Why wouldn’t I want someone to come tell me about new exciting drugs on my blog!
  • “Exciting business opportunity…” – There’s only one Exciting business opportunity I’m interested in.
  • “QSDVJssZDESXz!!1” – No thanks, I’m trying to quit.
Ways to Spot a Spammer
Posted Saturday, March 1, 2008
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