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We can all be bigots…sometimes

The author MEH who has recently been featured has responded to my last post via e-mail. I was touched by her story and will now share the e-mail, un-edited except for the name, with all of you now. So touching…

Hello Dan,

One of my associates has reviewed my blog post and It has come to my attention that you may not have been serious about your recent offer of shares in an undisclosed “forture”… I feel I must explain and defend my rather scathing comments about your “offer”.

I, like many others, have suffered from a debilitating neurological disease from birth and as a result I have no sense of humour. I enjoy posting on forums and commenting on blogs but, more often than not, end up making myself look a little silly by taking everything at face value due to my humour deficiency.

All too often able-homoured people, like yourself, poke fun at our comments and single us out for ridicule. It is simply not possible for us to take these retorts with a pinch of salt as we cannot, to use a phrase which I find personally offensive, “See the funny side of it”. If the British government wake up and officially recognise our disability I will be handing this matter over to my solicitors and have you in court for discrimination!

Sgt. Censored (Mrs)

I feel for your plight, I really do. I would even petition the British government to wake up and “recognise” your disability except that you would then take me to court for discrimination.

On the other hand, I don’t live in England so it shouldn’t be a problem, aw what the heck; I WILL petition the british government to recognize your horrible ailment!

May you too, be able to enjoy the laugh track of your own life MEH. I wish you better humour in the future.

We can all be bigots…sometimes
Posted Tuesday, September 25, 2007
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