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What does one do in a post-job economy?


We already know (or at least posited) that one way society gets richer is by destroying jobs. But how do you distribute resources if half your employment base isn’t working?

They may as well be developer kings.

The traditional answer is that all these people should start companies, find jobs and plugin to the economy but what new jobs and opportunities are America’s unemployed and underemployed qualified for? What were they trained for? The people moving the needle right now are developer entrepreneurs. They may as well be developer kings. All the old money in flowing into these new heads because they can create high-margin businesses easily.

The great thing about Netflix is everyone is happier and watching a new movie is cheap. But what do the ex-Blockbuster employees do?

What indeed.

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What does one do in a post-job economy?
Posted Tuesday, April 8, 2014
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